Investment Impact of 2020 U.S.

Investment insights from Franklin Templeton



Investment Insights on Coronavirus and Volatility

Perspective from investment teams across Franklin Templeton.

Quick Thoughts: Market Volatility, Sectors and Election-Stimulated Opportunities

Ahead of US elections, Stephen Dover and Grant Bowers discuss potential US equity market impacts.

Midyear Outlook : Risk, Recovery and New Market Realities

Our CIOs' Global Investment Outlook offers perspective on the investment landscape and the US elections.

Navigating Uncertain Waters: Preparing For A Post-Pandemic World

Where will we be post-crisis? This Global Macro Shifts covers why a gradual recovery is most likely and the investment implications.

On My Mind: Saving for Sunnier Days

Dr. Sonal Desai examines findings from the Franklin Templeton-Gallup Economics of Recovery Study survey’s second pulse.

Health Care: The Next Wave of Innovation in China

In this issue of Trends Reinforced, the Emerging Markets Equity team reviews long-term healthcare investment opportunities in China.

COVID-19 and the Private Debt Markets

Benefit Street Partners details the historic magnitude of dislocation in private credit markets due to COVID-19 and the potential opportunity set going forward.

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