Eurozone Debt Disputes Make An Unhappy Union

David Zahn, our European Fixed Income expert, considers how Italy’s debt may impact the state of the European Union and why we favor bonds from Italy and Spain.

On My Mind: Trade Wars—The Dog That Didn’t Bark

Why has global trade not collapsed? Sonal Desai, our Fixed Income CIO, digs into the three reasons that global growth and trade have continued.

China's Century? The Economic Giant's Next Act

Promising future if current efforts result in a sturdier and more sustainable economy.

Market Resilience: Strength in Numbers

Our CIOs’ 2019 Global Investment Outlook suggests an end to an era of financial market distortion.

On My Mind: Modern Magical Thinking

Why should investors be concerned about the growing size of the US deficit? Sonal Desai, explains why there is dangerous thinking behind some political agendas.

Emerging Markets Come of Age

“Emerging” doesn’t seem to be the right nomenclature for these markets today.

An Update on Our ESG Scores

Highlights six case studies of changing country scores in Global Macro Views.

Artificial Intelligence: Real Opportunity

Mapping the growing influence of AI and machine learning.

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